Supporting the wellbeing of our delegates at Congress

At the BSAVA, we are committed to supporting the wellbeing of our members and event patrons. Building on the success of our '22 Wellbeing Programme, we are excited to deliver a bigger and better programme for #BSAVA23, along with a new Wellbeing Hub delivered by EventWell!

The Wellbeing Zone (located in the exhibition hall) is open to all registered attendees and will provide three days of fantastic wellbeing workshops, discussions and resources, in a safe and supportive space. Enhance your knowledge, improve personal understanding, and develop skills to support both your own and your colleagues wellbeing.

Here's your guide to what's happening in the Wellbeing Zone!

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HUB by EventWell

Find calm and reduce any sensory overload by heading to our quiet room. 

Rest, stretch, or nap. Put on our noise cancelling headphones and listen to a calm or headspace meditation, read a book, flick through a magazine, you can do some mindful colouring, release tension with fidget toys, or simply sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Whilst in the space your host will offer you a de-caff tea or coffee, or water if you prefer. If you want to chat about anything you may be feeling or experiencing, you can ask our mental health and neurodiversity trained EventWell Host for help and support.

Make sure you take a well deserved 10 minute break with us!

Location: Wellbeing Zone, Exhibition

Opening Times: 08:00-19:20 Thursday, 08:30-17:50 Friday, 08:30-15:50 Saturday

Open to all!

Wellbeing Programme

This year we are collaborating with BVCIS, BVEDS, BVLGBT+, Mind Matters Initiative (MMI), Vetlife, BVA, and other experts working in this space to be able to create the best wellbeing programme possible!

We understand that for both individuals and teams, interpersonal skills and financial wellbeing are essential, not simply for surviving, but for thriving. Yet we are expected to intuitively know how to get them right.

The Wellbeing Programme aims to support and accommodate the diverse needs of everyone by creating workplaces and teams where everyone can feel they belong and problems are dealt with before they become catastrophes. Several of these sessions will be immersive and interactive, allowing participants to get involved in the discussion and practice skills, helping to lead to transformative experiences.  

This programme is Open to All — all attendees with a lecture or exhibition pass may attend these sessions

(Programme subject to change)

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Our wellbeing collaborators

We would like to thank all individuals and organisations who will be delivering their expertise in the #BSAVA23 Wellbeing Programme

Co-founder and Director
Head of Pet Bereavement Support Service
Blue Cross
Specialist Clinical Psychologist & Research Fellow
University of Surrey
Human-Savvy by Vet Gone Real
Co-Founder, Head of Communications
Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Veterinary Student
University of Liverpool
Private Clinic