Drop-in to the Practical Village each day for some free practical CPD!

Refresh your skills or learn something new, in our Practical Village. Pop in to one of our village businesses and see what hands-on activity you can take part in!  Whether it's endoscopy or suturing, there's plenty of opportunities to engage with the experts and try out the latest equipment and procedures.

The sessions are FREE and open to all on a "drop in" basis, a ll you need to attend, is a lecture or exhibition pass! 

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The Tailor
Brush up on suture patterns

If you're looking to brush up on your suturing skills, you're a veterinary nurse interested in getting more involved with surgical nursing, or a vet student wanting some extra tips and tricks, The Tailor is the perfect stop in the practical village! This station will provide you with advice and techniques on different approaches to suturing, and give you the opportunity to practice there and then.

Ask the expert: advanced wound closure and basic surgical skills

Rob White, Professor of Small Animal Surgery at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham, will be available to discuss and demonstrate all things related to advanced wound closure and basic surgical skills for the general practitioner. Rob has spent his whole career practicing and teaching in the field of small animal soft tissue surgery. He is passionate to share his practical experience and knowledge about the art and science of everyday small animal surgery. Whether you want to know about the advantages of using triclosan-impregnated (Plus Antibacterial) sutures, or, whether you want to know the difference between a Miller’s knot and a modified Miller’s knot - how to tie them, and what an impact these knots can have on the safety of your neutering surgeries - then this is the workshop for you.

Sponsored by Ethicon

The Salon
Surgical Prep

Visit The Salon to practice gloving up and prepping a site for surgery. Find out about the most effective techniques, the equipment needed, and see if you can get the surgical site clean!

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Prep for an emergency

You get the heads up from reception that an emergency is on it's way down to the practice. It's just you in the prep area to get everything you need set up ready to deal with the case as it walks through the door. A c-section? A blocked cat? Who knows!

Who can be the quickest and most successful at the top of the leaderboard? Can a vet win or will a nurse reign?

Burtons DIY Ventilation
Hands-on ventilation

Applying theory-based learning to an authentic clinical environment can be challenging - which is why we are combining the two together. Using a small animal ventilator and a carbon dioxide-expiring canine model, we can enable the real-life simulation of a patient under anaesthesia. Whilst we use a mechanical ventilator, all the concepts are applicable if you provide manual breaths to your patient too.

We will show you how to utilise equipment such as in-circuit manometers and IPPV button valves, and the difference between pressure versus volume cycling during mechanical ventilation.


Keith Simpson BVSc, MRCVS, MIET — Clinical Director, Burtons Medical Equipment

Courtney Scales DipVN, NCert (Anaesth), RVN — Clinical Educator, Burtons Medical Equipment

Sponsored by Burtons

Burtons Hardware Shop
Capnography foundations

Capnography has become routine in many practices and has been a great step forward in patient monitoring, but there are some fundamental pitfalls. These demonstrations cover how to set up your capnograph, its limitations, clear up some common misconceptions and present solutions to hypo- and hypercapnia.


Keith Simpson BVSc, MRCVS, MIET — Clinical Director, Burtons Medical Equipment

Courtney Scales DipVN, NCert (Anaesth), RVN — Clinical Educator, Burtons Medical Equipment

Sponsored by Burtons

STORZ Cinema

Using BSAVA's 3D printed models, you will use a STORZ endoscope to guide through into the duodenum. STORZ and experienced residents will be on hand to provide you with useful tops and answer any questions you might have.

Sponsored by KARL STORZ

STORZ Dry Cleaners
Cleaning and care of scopes

Endoscopes need care and attention too! Knowing how to maintain and clean your endoscope is just as valuable as knowing how to use them on our patients. This station will allow you to clean an endoscope, understand which products are best to use, and teach you how to handle your equipment to ensure it can continue to do its job well!

Sponsored by KARL STORZ

The House
Environmental modification for geriatric patients

Environmental modification can be simple, but hugely effective on improving the welfare of older patients, and educating owners on this topic can be part of any consultation. Head in to The House to set everything up for an elderly cat or dog with multiple age-related diseases.

The Opticians

You see a dog with a skin mass so take a fine needle aspirate cytology sample, but wouldn't it be great if you could make a quick diagnosis yourself without having to wait for results from the lab? Come to look down microscopes and see some examples of cytology of common skin masses.

The Dentist
Dental radiography positioning

iM3 | The Global Name in Veterinary Dentistry are giving you the opportunity to experience a room fully equipped for veterinary dental x-ray. Here you’ll learn how to position a cat and a dog for full mouth overview x-rays, quickly, easily and to a high standard. Using proper veterinary dental solutions from iM3, as opposed to human dental equipment, will change your whole outlook on veterinary dentistry.

Vets, nurses and practice managers are welcome to come and learn about iM3’s products and solutions in this educational experience.

Sponsored by iM3 Dental

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