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Equipment: Imaging Manufacturer
About Us

Rothband have brought their 150+ years of medical experience into the Veterinary field.
Providing solutions for Small Animal, Equine, and Mixed Veterinary Practices.
Protecting Medical Professionals since 1860
Now Protecting Veterinary Professionals!

Our Products and Services

We can provide a wide range of DR Systems for Small Animals, DR Systems for Equine, Ultrasound Systems, Portable Generators, as well as Servicing for all equipment we supply.
Our parent-company, Rothband, is known around the world for supplying high quality Radiation Protection Aprons. Taking full advantage of Bilayer Lead Free technology, we provide the highest levels of protection at the lowest weight. These aprons are proving very popular in the Veterinary field.
We provide all sorts of accessories. From foam pads to sandbags, all manufactured in the UK - we can help you give your Veterinary Practice that final touch.


Unit E Bridgewater Close
Network 65 Business Park
Burnley, Hapton
BB11 5TE

Telephone: 01706 830086