Protexin Veterinary
Stand #: D604
Partner Level: Bronze
About Us

Protexin Veterinary is dedicated to producing innovative, research based products of the highest quality, providing a complete range of products for the veterinary market. Leading products in the range include Pro-Kolin Advanced, Denamarin, Pro-Fibre Advanced, DermalEase and Cobalaplex for dogs and cats.

Our Products and Services

Our belief is that nature is an ideal source of effective healthcare solutions, and that applied research and understanding can harness these solutions to the benefit of animals.

We also know that too much refining of natural elements can reduce their effectiveness. That’s why all products that carry the ADM Protexin name are developed under our guiding philosophy: Science and nature in balance.

In practice this means that the natural products and probiotic supplements we manufacture are extensively researched for safety and efficacy. Working closely with leading universities and research centres around the world on a range of ongoing research programmes. We are always looking to improve our products, but never compromise on their natural basis.


Lopen Head,
TA13 5JH

Telephone: 01460 243230