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PetSavers is the fundraising and grant awarding arm of BSAVA, and was founded as the Clinical Studies Trust Fund in 1974 by a group of veterinary surgeons. To this day, we remain funded solely by charitable donations, receiving none of the BSAVA membership fee. Over the last nearly 50 years, we have invested more than £2 million in vital clinical research and training programmes, in areas as diverse as kidney disease, anaemia, diabetes, feline leukaemia, deafness, cancer and heart disease.

While several charities are devoted to the prevention of cruelty and suffering in animals, few are concerned with the study and improvement of pet medicine and surgery. We strive to be the UK’s leading veterinary charity provider of grants solely dedicated to supporting clinical research into companion animal diseases.

To achieve our aim, we award grants to researchers in universities, practices and research organisations enabling veterinary surgeons, nurses and academics to advance clinical investigations into the problems associated with pet animal medicine and surgery. Only studies involving naturally occurring diseases in small animals are considered and are undertaken to the highest ethical, scientific and veterinary standards.

Together we can help our companion animals live longer, fuller and healthier lives.

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