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About Us

Oralade is a well-established and trusted veterinary product, recognised as the #1 Veterinary Oral Rehydration Product in the UK. Supporting fluid and electrolyte balance in our pets, Oralade is fast acting isotonic formula featuring 100% natural chicken flavour – because taste really matters for our pets.

Our Products and Services

Oralade is a core brand of Macahl Animal Health, a family-ran company based in Northern Ireland and founded by father and son, John, and Anthony Mackle in 2006. Macahl was established to develop and produce new and innovative health products to support the veterinary industry and pet owners.

Now available in over 57 countries, Oralade is widely used by both vets and nurses throughout the UK and beyond.

Oralade's product range includes GI+ Support, RF+ Support and Active.

Why Oralade?
 Features 100% natural chicken flavour, making it ideal for use in all carnivorous species
 Free from citrates and artificial preservatives that can affect palatability
 Made with purified water, Oralade is chlorine-free which enhances palatability
 Isotonic formula for rapid absorption and rehydration
 Available in ready-to-serve and concentrate formulations
 Hypoallergenic – high hydrolysed chicken protein
 3 years shelf life from manufacture
 Microwave to increase palatability even more
 Can be frozen – don’t waste a drop!


Macahl Animal Health
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