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About Us

Kiroku helps you take more thorough clinical notes in a fraction of the time. Its smart, adaptive and customisable workflows let you focus on the animal and owner, rather than on endless typing. Visit our stand for a demo and to learn more!

Our Products and Services

Kiroku’s smart, clickable templates help you write more detailed and personalised notes in a third of the time. Created in partnership with vets, our smart notes not only prompt you to record relevant details but complete your treatment notes based on previous input.

This is thanks to our smart links, which populate new lines of notes based on the options you’ve already clicked. We have a range of stock templates which are all completely customisable, we can convert any existing templates you have into Kiroku workflows, or you can create your own in our builder.

Good clinical records are not only a professional responsibility but essential for good patient care. With clinicians spending over 25% of their day writing notes, we are extending our expertise in dental note-taking to the veterinary market, to help you spend your time focusing on what you want to do - treating animals.

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