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About Us

HORIBA is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of veterinary laboratory systems for everyday use with benchtop haematology, biochemistry, haemostasis and in-house PCR instruments. From compact point of care solutions to high throughput automated systems, HORIBA developed an array of easy to use  analysers for all veterinary settings. 

Our Products and Services

POCKIT Central In-House PCR Analyser – Easy PCR testing for all species with results in 85 minutes, covering bacteria, viruses, parasites and protozoa.

PC400 & 120VP Clinical Chemistry – High throughput wet chemistry and benchtop systems to suit all practices

VG2 Blood Gases and Immunoassay – Rapid analysis and results for enhanced patient care

Yumizen G Coagulation – Dedicated haemostasis instruments for coagulation measurements


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Telephone: 01604 542500