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Burgess is one of the UK’s leading pet food manufacturers, catering for the country’s most popular pets including dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.
Here at Burgess Pet Care we are dedicated to improving the health and welfare of animals through research, education and campaigns such as Rabbit Awareness Week.

Our Products and Services

Rabbit Food
The ideal diet should be made up of healthy foods for rabbits that are high in fibre to keep their gut healthy, and fibrous grasses to help prevent their teeth from overgrowing. Fresh, high quality rabbit feeding hay is also essential – and don’t forget we make some yummy, healthy rabbit treats to add enrichment. At Burgess, all of our Nuggets for rabbits are made at our own factory in the heart of Yorkshire, using only ingredients that meet our stringent specifications.

Dog Food
Our Sensitive Dog Food range is made from only the finest ingredients, ensuring excellent quality and superior taste. These hypoallergenic dog food recipes are created without many of the usual ingredients that can cause an upset stomach – making them ideal for dogs with a sensitive digestion

Cat Food
At Burgess, all our dry cat food is made using premium ingredients to ensure excellent quality and superior taste. We help keep your cat happy and healthy throughout its life – with kitten, adult neutered and mature products available


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