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Programme | Thursday 25 March 

Each session will end with a live discussion element.

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Congress Open
Welcome & Day One Keynote Lecture | Lucy Cooke
Lucy Cooke
Filmaker, Presenter & Author
Patient Safety is Not Optional

Live Stream 1 | 10:00 - 10:50    Clinical audit: an important part of patient safety?

Patient safety: where do we start? - Catherine Oxtoby (UK) 

Clinical audit: where can we start and why? - Pam Mosedale (UK)

Live Stream 1 | 11:20 - 12:10    What are SEAs and M&Ms? 

SEAs: introduction and overview Pam Mosedale (UK)

M&Ms: introduction and overview - Helen Silver (UK)

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Live Stream 1 | 12:20 - 13:10    Are safety checklists your new best friend?

The practice and vet perspective - Angela Rayner (UK)

The vet nurse perspective - Helen Silver (UK)

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Pam Mosedale
QI Clinical Lead
RCVS Knowledge
Catherine Oxtoby
Veterinary Risk Manager
Veterinary Defence Society
Helen Silver
Veterinary Nurse
Angela Rayner
Director of Quality Improvement
CVS Group

Live Stream 2 | 10:00 - 10:50    Treatment of canine atopic dermatitis in 2021: what options, in what order?

Options - Tim Nuttall (UK) 

StrategyAriane Neuber-Watts (UK)

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Live Stream 2 | 11:20 - 12:10    Has COVID caused stress related alopecias?

The dermatologists view - Ariane Neuber-Watts (UK)

The behaviourists view - Sarah Heath (UK)

Live Stream 2 | 12:20 - 13:10    How should I deal with alopecia in small furries in practice?  

The dermatologists view - Ariane Neuber-Watts (UK)

The exotics practice view - John Chitty (UK)

Tim Nuttall
Head of Dermatology
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh
Ariane Neuber-Watts
Veterinary Surgeon
Hund Katze Haut
Sarah Heath
Veterinary Surgeon
Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice
John Chitty
Anton Vets
Diagnostic Imaging

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Live Stream 3 | 10:00 - 10:50    Interactive lower respiratory radiography

Live session - Gawain Hammond (UK)

Live Stream 3 | 11:20 - 12:10    Interactive cardiac radiography

Live session - Kieran Borgeat

Live Stream 3 | 12:20 - 13:10    Interactive abdominal imaging

Live session - Robert O'Brien (USA) & Kenny Simpson (USA)

Gawain Hammond
Veterinary Surgeon
Kieran Borgeat
Clinical Lead
Langford Vets
Robert O'Brien
Director of Radiology
Epica International & Epica Medical Innovations
Kenny Simpson
Chief of Section (Small Animal Internal Medicine)
Feline Medicine and Nursing

Live Stream 4 | 10:00 - 10:50    How can we do to make our practices more cat friendly?

How can we make our practices more cat friendly: the behaviourists viewpoint - Sarah Heath (UK)

How can we make our practices more cat friendly: the clinician’s viewpoint - Nicki Reed (UK)

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Live Stream 4 | 11:20 - 12:10    How should we deal with anaemic cats in our practice?

How should we deal with anaemic cats in our practice: general approach: which tests to do and in what order? - Nicki Reed (UK)

How should we deal with anaemic cats in our practice: blood transfusions - Elle Haskey (UK)

Live Stream 4 | 12:20 - 13:10    How should we deal with cats with chronic diarrhoea in our practice?

How should we deal with chronic diarrhoea in our practice - Fergus Allerton (UK)

How should we deal with cats with chronic diarrhoea in our practice: the value of diets in the management of Feline IBD - Nicki Reed (UK)

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Nicki Reed
Veterinary Surgeon
Veterinary Specialists Scotland
Sarah Heath
Veterinary Surgeon
Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice
Eleanor Haskey
Registered Veterinary Nurse
Royal Veterinary College
Fergus Allerton
Veterinary Surgeon
Willows Referral Service
Cats Protection

Exhibitor Stream | 11:20 - 12:10    Pragmatic purrls (of wisdom) for the pandemic

Presentation and Live Q&A - Lauren Kirk

Lauren Kirk
Veterinary Surgeon
Cats Protection
Lunch & Exhibition

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Or join us for a lunchtime entertainment & wellbeing activity, Sponsor Symposia or a special guest presentation. 

Sponsor Symposium | IDEXX

Live Stream 1 | 13:10 - 14:10        Bacterial cystitis …how the lab can help with decision making

Presentation - Susana Silva & Marta Costa

Sponsor Symposium | Hill's Pet Nutrition

Live Stream 2 | 13:10 - 14:10    Canine allergic skin disease

Presentation - Ronald Corbee & Becky Mullis

Read more from Hill's | BSAVA Symposium Ad

Susana Silva
Marta Costa
Ronald Jan Corbee
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University
Becky Mullis
Associate Manager, Scientific Insights
Hill's Pet Nutrition

Live Stream 1 | 14:30 - 15:20    Nerve blocks made easy

Caudal epidurals for blocked cats - Andrew Bell (UK)

Dental nerve blocks - Daniel Pang (USA)

Live Stream 1 | 15:30 - 16:20    Identifying anaesthetic problems

How capnography can help you identify problems with your patient - Andrew Bell (UK)

What options you have in managing hypotension under anaesthesia if fluids don’t work - Daniel Pang (USA)

Live Stream 1 | 16:50 - 17:40    Common anaesthetic complications

Is it cold in here? Hypothermia under anaesthesia - Vicky Ford-Fennah (UK)

Get the suction! Regurgitation under anaesthesia - Carl Bradbrook (UK)

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Live Stream 1 | 17:50 - 18:40    Sedation wars!

Safe sedation and sedation versus anaesthesia: when is it ok to not intubate? - Carl Bradbrook (UK)

Monitoring for sedation - Vicky Ford-Fennah (UK)

Andrew Bell
Head of Anaesthesia
Small Animal Hospital, University of Glasgow
Daniel Pang
Associate Professor
University of Calgary
Vicky Ford-Fennah
Professional Development Manager
Carl Bradbrook
Veterinary Surgeon
Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists
Liver Disease

Live Stream 2 | 14:30 - 15:20    Why and how should we do more liver biopsies in practice?

Why should we do more? - Mike Willard (USA)

How should we do more? - Penny Watson (UK)

Live Stream 2 | 15:30 - 16:20    What should we advise owners about mucocoeles: surgery, medicine or ignore?

What are the medical options for mucocoeles? - Mike Willard (USA)

When and how should we intervene surgically with mucocoeles? - Chris Shales (UK)

Live Stream 2 | 16:50 - 17:40    Interactive cases with increased liver enzymes 

Interactive live session - Mike Willard (USA)

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Live Stream 2 | 17:50 - 18:40    What is the current thinking on the feline triaditis: does it even exist?

Interactive live session - Penny Watson (UK)

Mike Willard
Professor Emeritus of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Penny Watson
Senior Lecturer
Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge
Chris Shales
Head of Soft Tissue Department
Willows Veterinary Centre

Live Stream 3 | 14:30 - 15:20    Health technology: the role of apps and devices in the future of cardiology (a personal perspective) 

Live session Marc Kraus (USA)

Live Stream 3 | 15:30 - 16:20    The asymptomatic patient

I am hearing a heart murmur for the first time in an adult dog: what should I do? - Adrian Boswood

I am hearing a heart murmur for the first time in an adult cat: what should I do? - Jose Novo Matos

Live Stream 3 | 16:50 - 17:40    Catheter intervention or surgery?

Cardiac interventions: when and how? - Tobi Wagner

Cardiac surgery: when and how? - Poppy Bristow (UK)

Live Stream 3 | 17:50 - 18:40    The ethics of managing heart disease in pets

Live panel session - James Yeates, Tobi Wagner & Poppy Bristow (UK)

Marc Kraus
Professor of Clinical Cardiology
The University of Pennsylvania
Adrian Boswood
Royal Veterinary College
Jose Novo Matos
Veterinary Surgeon
Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge
Tobi Wagner
Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology
Poppy Bristow
Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dick White Referrals
James Yeates
Chief Executive
Cats Protection
The Surgical Team: Practices and Principles

Live Stream 4 | 14:30 - 15:20    Getting the best out of the surgical team

How can Halsted’s Principles help me improve my surgical skills - Dick White (UK)

Maximising the use of a scrubbed assistant in surgery - Alison Young (UK)

Live Stream 4 | 15:30 - 16:20
    Improving outcomes from lumpectomies

Lumpectomies made interesting - Jolle Kirpensteijn

Skin reconstruction techniques - Jonathan Bray (UK)

Live Stream 4 | 16:50 - 17:40    Iatrogenic wound infections

Surgical preps and autoclaves - Georgie Hollis (UK)

Asepsis has failed. Where do we start tracking down the culprit? - Alison Young (UK)

Live Stream 4 | 17:50 - 18:40    Joint surgery and arthroscopy: the basics

Preparing equipment and team for joint surgery - Alison Young (UK)

How to begin in arthroscopy and common pitfalls? - Andrew Phillips (UK)

Dick White
Dick White Referrals
Alison Young
Veterinary Nurse
Royal Veterinary College
Jolle Kirpensteijn
Chief Veterinary Officer
Hill's Pet Nutrition (US)
Georgie Hollis
Veterinary Wound Library
Jonathan Bray
Senior Clinician
Fitzpatrick Referrals
Andrew Phillips
Royal Veterinary College

Exhibitor Stream | 13:10 - 14:00    Practical small animal ultrasound: diagnosing pathology with intestinal, gallbladder & spleen exams

Presentation and Live Q&A - Camilla Edwards

Camilla Edwards
Managing Director
First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound

Exhibitor Stream | 14:20 - 15:10    VetGDP: everything you need to know

Presentation - Linda Prescott-Clements (UK)

Live Q&A -  Sue Paterson (UK) & Jenny Soreskog-Turp

Linda Prescott-Clements
Director of Education
Jenny Soreskog-Turp
Lead for Postgraduate Education
Sue Paterson
Veterinary Director
Veterinary Dermatological Ltd and Virtual Vet Derms
NationWide Laboratories

Exhibitor Stream | 15:30 - 16:20    Histiocytic diseases in dogs and cats: an overview of clinical presentation and diagnosis

Presentation - Alison Lee

Alison Lee
Repeat of Day One Keynote Lecture | Lucy Cooke
Lucy Cooke
Filmaker, Presenter & Author
Close of Congress Day One