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Programme | Friday 26 March 

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Welcome & Day Two Keynote Lecture | Jenny Campbell

Stream 1 | Keynote lecture by Jenny Campbell

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Jenny Campbell
Can The Profession Go Green?

Stream 1 | One health, one planet: why sustainability is a necessity

Leadership perspective: what is needed right now and how to change minds - Libby Kemkaran-Thompson (UK)

What is happening in the veterinary sector: a high level perspective - Ellie West (UK)

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Stream 1 | What does environmentally friendly look like in a practice?

The business case for sustainability - Becky Sedman (UK)

Practice level practical perspective - Zoe Halfacree (UK)

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Stream 1 | 20x20 visions of a greener future now: 5 pecha kucha's

There and back again: a tale of travel footprints - Matthew Sawyer (UK)

Primary care practice experience of iE scheme - Sarah Sheppard (UK)

How nurses can drive one health - Claire Roberts (UK)

How is the green initiative going at our practice? - Becky Sedman (UK)

Going green: NHS experience - Clare Topping (UK)

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Libby Kemkaran-Thompson
Vet Sustain
Ellie West
Sustainability Lead
Davies Veterinary Specialists
Becky Sedman
Veterinary Surgeon
Minster Veterinary Practice
Zoe Halfacree
Specialist Small Animal Surgeon
Davies Veterinary Specialists
Matthew Sawyer
SEE Sustainability
Sarah Sheppard
Clinical Director
Donnachie and Townley Vets
Claire Roberts
Professional Development Manager
Clare Topping
Sponsored Symposium | Zoetis

Stream 1 | Understanding pain in the arthritic synovial joint

John Innes

John Innes
Chief Veterinary Officer

Stream 1 | Dental management in practice

Ergonomics in the dental station for the veterinary surgeon - Jens Ruhnau (DK)

Ergonomics in the dental station for the veterinary nurse - Claire Bloor (UK)

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Stream 1 | Better dental imaging: techniques and practice

Cone-beam CT in veterinary dental practice - Milinda Lommer (USA)

Dental radiology projections for three rooted maxillary teeth - Jens Ruhnau (DK)

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Stream 1 | Dental surgery: difficult extractions - tips and tricks

Difficult dog extractions: tips and tricks - Jens Ruhnau (DK)

Difficult cat extractions: tips and tricks - Milinda Lommer (USA)

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Stream 1 | Feline chronic gingivitis and stomatitis: an update

Part l: what it is and managing expectations? - Boaz Arzi (USA)

Part ll: stem cell therapy - Boaz Arzi (USA)

Jens Ruhnau
Veterinary Surgeon
Claire Bloor
Veterinary Nursing Lecturer
Myerscough College
Milinda Lommer
Veterinary Surgeon
Aggie Animal Dental Center
Boaz Arzi
Professor of Dentistry and Oral surgery
School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California
Repeat of Day Two Keynote Lecture | Jenny Campbell

Stream 1 | Repeat of Day Two keynote lecture by Jenny Campbell

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Jenny Campbell
The Exotic Hideaway

Stream 2 | ENT Infections in rabbits and small furries: what's up, Doc?

How to approach ENT cases in practice - Thomas Donnelly (FR)

Sinusitis and rhinitis in rabbits: non-antibiotic therapies - John Chitty (UK)

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Stream 2 | Common cases in exotic skin disease

How to diagnose in-practice. Which diagnostic tests to do? (Feather plucking) - Tom Dutton (UK)

Factors involved in skin disease in reptiles: detecting infectious causes - John Chitty (UK)

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Stream 2 | Help, it's an exotic emergency: what do I do?

Principles of triage and immediate assessment of exotics - John Chitty (UK)

Help, it's an exotic emergency: what do I do - reptiles - Tom Dutton (UK)

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Thomas M. Donnelly
Research Professor
French National Veterinary School
John Chitty
Anton Vets
Tom Dutton
Veterinary Surgeon
Great Western Exotics
Keynote Lecture | Derek Mills

Stream 2 | Keynote lecture by Derek Mills

Derek Mills
Financial Advisor, Wealth Manager & Author
Neurology on a Shoestring

Stream 2 | Where do I start? Keys to cost-effective neuro diagnosis

An introduction to the neurological examination - Tom Cardy (UK)

Key diagnostic tests - Holger Volk (DE)

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Stream 2 | How to approach neuro trauma in practice

A vet's perspective : diagnosis and management - Tom Cardy (UK)

A vet nurse's perspective: diagnosis and management - Holly Smith (UK)

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Stream 2 | Diagnosing seizures and other paroxysmal events

Odd episodes: when is a seizure not a seizure? - Tom Cardy (UK)

Other causes - Holger Volk (DE)

Stream 2 | Approaches to weakness and collapse: a case based discussion

Panel discussion - Holger Volk (DE), Gerard Mclauchlan (UK) & Adrian Boswood (UK)

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Tom Cardy
Specialist in Veterinary Neurology
Cave Veterinary Specialist
Holger Volk
Professor & Head of Department
University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover
Holly Smith
Head Nurse
Royal Veterinary College
Gerard McLauchlan
Senior Clinician
Fitzpatrick Referrals.
Adrian Boswood
Royal Veterinary College

Stream 3 | Ocular opacities: what, when, where, why?

Corneal opacities - Lorraine Fleming (UK)

Anterior chamber, lens and vitreous - Richard Everson (UK)

Stream 3 | These are the pits: non-healing corneal ulcers and how to deal with them

SCCEDs, endothelial degeneration - Richard Everson (UK)

Feline indolent ulcers - Lorraine Fleming (UK)

Stream 3 | Ocular emergencies: what the heck am I dealing with?

Part I - Richard Everson (UK

Part II - Lorraine Fleming (UK)

Senior Ophthalmologist
Dick White Referrals
Veterinary Surgeon
North Downs Specialist Referrals

Stream 3 | Gasping for air: how badly is my patient affected?

Assessment of a BOAS patient in the consultation room: what do these noises mean - Julia Riggs (UK)

Assessment of the airway under anaesthetic - Chris Shales (UK)

Stream 3 | Take a deep breath: BOAS surgery doesn't have to be scary

Nose and soft palate - Jane Ladlow (UK)

Laryngeal collapse and tracheostomy - Rob White UK)

Stream 3 | Anaesthesia in BOAS patients: protocols and pitfalls

Vet perspective - Elizabeth Leece (UK)

Vet nurse perspective - Jen Busby (UK)

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Stream 3 |
The team approach to the brachycephalic patient

Panel discussion - Julia Riggs (UK), Chris Shales (UK) & Lydia Smith (UK)

Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital
Head of Soft Tissue Department
Willows Veterinary Centre
Veterinary Surgeon
Professor of Small Animal Surgery
School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham
Veterinary Surgeon
Paragon Veterinary Referrals
Dick White Referrals
Soft Tissue Specialist Nurse
Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge
Kidney Medicine and Nursing

Stream 4 | Getting the basics right

Blood tests in kidney disease: looking beyond urea and creatinine - Rebecca Geddes (UK)

Urine tests in kidney disease: beyond dipstick and USG - Sophie McMurrough (UK)

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Stream 4 | Acute kidney injury

Making the diagnosis - Alix McBrearty (UK)

Managing the patient - Caroline Boothroyd (UK)

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Stream 4 | Nephroliths: when are they a problem and what should I do next?

Identifying kidney stones: incidental finding or the key to the patient's problem - Isuru Gajanayake (UK)

Approach to calcium oxalate nephroliths: surgery, medicine or wait and see? - Tim Charlesworth (UK) 

Rebecca Geddes
Veterinary Surgeon
Royal Veterinary College
Sophie McMurrough
Head Nurse
Northwest Veterinary Specialists
Alix McBrearty
Locum Vet
Caroline Boothroyd
Oncology Nurse
Northwest Veterinary Specialists
Isuru Gajanayake
Veterinary Surgeon
Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service
Tim Charlesworth
Head of Surgery
Eastcott Referrals
Nursing: The Cornerstone of Care

Stream 4 | Tame that vein

Bad veins: how to get IV access when all the veins have gone - Amy Newfield (USA)

Intravenous catheter care and maintenance - Sophie McMurrough (UK)

Stream 4 |
Team urology

Don’t hate urinate: urethral catheterisation - Sophie McMurrough (UK)

Urine for a treat: nursing the blocked bladder - Kathryn Latimer-Jones (UK)

Stream 4 | Does all bleeding eventually stop…..?

Common coagulopathies - Laura Rosewell (UK)

Nursing the bleeding patient - Holly Witchell (UK)

Stream 4 | Curb the queasiness

What can you do for the nauseated patient? - Laura Rosewell (UK)

Caring for the pancreatitis patient - Holly Witchell (UK)

Amy Newfield
Project Manager
BluePearl Veterinary Partners
Sophie McMurrough
Head Nurse
Northwest Veterinary Specialists
Kathryn Latimer-Jones
Veterinary Nurse
North West Veterinary Specialists
Laura Rosewell
Registered Veterinary Nurse
The Ralph Veterinary Referral Centre
Holly Witchell
Head ICU Nurse
Langford Vets

Exhibitor Stream | Vetlife: support for the veterinary community

Adrian Nelson-Pratt & Danny Chambers

Danny Chambers
Veterinary Voices UK
Adrian Nelson Pratt
EMERGE Veterinary project

Exhibitor Stream | With feline unintended weight loss, you can't afford to wait: an Introduction to Mirataz®

Presentation - Geoff Duncan

Geoff Duncan
Veterinary Technical Advisor
Dechra Veterinary Products

Exhibitor Stream | Infection control and prevention:  Q+A with Emma Gerrard

Emma Gerrard

Exhibitor Stream | Bacterial cystitis …how the lab can help with decision making

Presentation - Susana Silver & Marta Costa

Marta Costa
Clinical Pathologist and UK Deputy Head of Microbiology
IDEXX Laboratories
Susana Silva
Internal Medicine Consultant
IDEXX Laboratories
Hill's Pet Nutrition

Exhibitor Stream | Canine allergic skin disease

Presentation - Ronald Jan Corbee & Rebecca Mullis

Read more from Hill's | BSAVA Symposium Ad

Ronald Jan Corbee
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University
Becky Mullis
Associate Manager, Scientific Insights
Hill's Pet Nutrition

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