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Association of Charity Vets


Since the millennium, a consensus has been building amongst a number of vets working in the major animal welfare charities and in some universities that it would be desirable to form an Association of Charity Vets (ACV). In 2010, an ad hoc committee was formed and in the ensuing years the ACV was born! The ACV is affiliated with BSAVA and has a volunteer committee of 11 people. The animal charity sector in the UK is large and many veterinary professionals in the UK apply the principles of shelter medicine their daily work. This type of work has its own contexts and challenges, so the ACV aims to provide a voice and a support network for veterinary professionals working this area. This includes those working for a charity, those in private practice providing services or advice for a charity, those dealing with cases where the funding does not come entirely from the owner, and those carrying out research into issues faced by the sector.

With our collective power, we can work together to generate and implement evidence-based (shelter) medicine, share information and skills, encourage and facilitate Continuing Professional Development, encourage a critical, pragmatic and ethical approach to decision making, lobby decision makers, and represent the views of colleagues working in this sector to the wider veterinary profession, government and public. Ultimately, it is hoped that the ACV will be a driving force in shelter and charity practice becoming recognised as a distinct speciality in the UK


On Demand Stream | Webinar    No consent? What you can do with the unowned RTA: ethical and legal aspects of approaching the RTA case with no owner present  - with Caroline Allen

On Demand Stream | Webinar    Euthanasia decision making: a case based discussion  - with Zoe Belshaw

Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists


The Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists is an active, enthusiastic group of veterinary surgeons and others (e.g. researchers, technicians, pharmacologists) who share an interest in animal anaesthesia, analgesia and animal welfare. We hold meetings twice a year at various venues in Europe which are open to all those who share our common interest.


On Demand Stream | Webinar    Anaesthesia in dogs and cats with cardiac disease: complications and safety  - with Heide Klöppel

On Demand Stream | Webinar    Anaesthesia in dogs and cats with actual or suspected raised intracranial pressure - with Mathieu Raillard

British Veterinary Behaviour Association


The British Veterinary Behaviour Association has been facilitating the exchange of information, experiences and ideas between its members on behavioural matters for over 20 years.

The British Veterinary Behaviour Association exists to facilitate the exchange of information, experiences and ideas between its members who include veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, students and other paraprofessionals. As an affiliate of the BSAVA we are also involved in producing educational materials and lectures for the veterinary and related professions.


On Demand Stream | Webinar     Welfare friendly handling in practice - with Nicky Trevorrow, Rachel Malkani & Wendy Taylor

British Veterinary Dental Association


The British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA) was established in 1988 by a group of Veterinary Surgeons who had a particular interest in Veterinary Dentistry. The aims of the association are to educate and train Veterinary and Dental Surgeons in animal dentistry and to promote practice, teaching and research of animal dentistry.


On Demand Stream | Webinar     Practical approach to the oral mass - with Boaz Arzi

On Demand Stream | Webinar    Young and healthy - with Ana Nemec

On Demand Stream | Webinar    Virtual surgery and 3D printing in veterinary dentistry - with Graham Thatcher

British Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Association


One of the aims of the BVRSMA is to regulate the use of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation to ensure it is performed by suitably qualified and experienced professionals.

Therapists need to be qualified practitioners, and members of The British Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Association (BVRSMA.) Membership of BVRSMA is open to qualified veterinary surgeons and ACPAT physiotherapists. Veterinary nurses, veterinary students and physiotherapy students may become associate members.


On Demand Stream | Webinar    Nursing the rehab patient: getting the basics right - with Sian Baker

On Demand Stream | Webinar    Does old age really mean the end? How to help our geriatric patients - with Mathilde Granger

British Veterinary Zoological Association


The British Veterinary Zoological Society is the specialist division of the British Veterinary Association and is recognised as having responsibility for exotic pets. companion avian species, zoo animals and wildlife. We were founded in 1961 and have grown into a society with a wide range of members and involvement. The aims of the Society are to promote the advancement of veterinary knowledge and skill in the maintenance of the health and welfare of non-domesticated animals and to encourage proper housing and conditions for such animals; to encourage full use of veterinary services by wild establishments and by the owners of exotic pets; to promote the international exchange of veterinary knowledge of non-domesticated animals.


On Demand Stream | Webinar African vultures in crisis: the application of veterinary training and science to rehabilitation to reduce the risk of extinction to critically endangered species - with Neil Homer Forbes

On Demand Stream | Webinar A pot pourri of lagomorph pathology - with Kate Hughes

On Demand Stream | Webinar Triage and conservative management of the avian orthopaedic cases - with Daniel Calvo Carrasco

European Association of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging


If you're into veterinary diagnostic imaging then EAVDI-BID would love to see you at one of its biannual meetings. These are held every year in the Spring and Autumn at exclusive venues within the UK and Ireland. We take care to ensure that our programmes are inclusive and cover a broad range of topics. There are opportunities to present research abstracts, get involved in discussion groups and test your interpretation skills during one of our practical film reading sessions. There is also a lively social programme providing an opportunity to catch up with colleagues and make new friends, all in the name of veterinary diagnostic imaging.

If you would like to learn more about EAVDI-BID and become a member please visit our website


On Demand Stream | Webinar    Ultrasonography of the eye of the cat and dog  - with Pete Mantis

On Demand Stream | Webinar    Ultrasonography of the canine stifle - with Dr Elke Van Der Vekens

Small Animal Medicine Society


The Small Animal Medicine Society (SAMSoc) was founded in 2003 for veterinary surgeons from the UK and abroad who share a passion and enthusiasm for small animal medicine.

Our members include first-opinion vets, veterinary students and RCVS, American and European Specialists in Small Animal Internal Medicine. We are a growing society with approximately 220 active members.

SAMSoc has been awarded BSAVA Affiliate Group status.

For more information contact Liz Welch at


On Demand Stream | Webinar    Coaching for clinicians on the SAMSoc program - with Clive Elwood

On Demand Stream | Webinar    Leptospirosis: growing worldwide health issue - with Kate Murphy

Pre-BSAVA Congress Day

SAMSoc announces pre-BSAVA Congress meet to take place 24 March 2021

Read More | Invitation to attend online

Affiliate Speakers

Assistant Professor & Veterinary Specalist
Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana
Professor of Dentistry and Oral surgery
School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California
Chief Veterinary Officer
Exotics Veterinary Surgeon
Southfield Veterinary Specialists
Senior Radiologist & Scientific Staff
Vetsuisse Faculty, Bern University
University of Wisconsin
Davies Veterinary Specialists
Head of Internal Medicine
Davies Veterinary Specialists
Senior Lecturer
University of Cambridge
VetCT Teleconsultation Hospital
Behaviour Manager
Cats Protection
Head of Diagnostic Imaging
Dick White Referrals
Scientific Officer
Practice Management Director
Smart Veterinary Clinic
Head of Behaviour
Donaldsons Vets

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