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Hill’s Pet Nutrition is proud to have been producing quality nutrition for dogs and cats, for more than 80 years. Dr Mark Morris, a pioneer in the field of animal nutrition began our story when he produced a therapeutic diet for guide dog Buddy in 1939.

The welfare of animals is at the heart of everything we do, from our groundbreaking research, to our support for animal shelters and charities around the world. We do not conduct, condone or support invasive research of any kind, using only the most ethically conducted research in our drive to produce the highest quality, evidence based nutrition.

At Hill's, we believe we are measured and accountable by our actions, not our promises. That is why we have decided to step away from unwanted, unsustainable freebies and award an e-voucher as our prizes and only share digital detailers with you.

Sponsored Lectures

Thursday 25 March, 10:00AM - 10:50AM | Live Stream 2
Dermatology | Treatment of canine atopic dermatitis in 2021: what options, in what order? with Tim Nuttall (UK) & Ariane Neuber-Watts (UK)

Thursday 25 March, 12:20PM - 1:10PM | Live Stream 4
Feline Medicine and Nursing | How should we deal with cats with chronic diarrhoea in our practice? with Fergus Allerton (UK) & Nicki Reed (UK)

Friday 26 March, 10:00AM - 10:50AM | Live Stream 1
Can The Profession Go Green? | One health, one planet: why sustainability is a necessity - with Libby Kemkaran-Thompson (UK) & Ellie West (UK)

Saturday 27 March, 08:45AM - 09:50AM (Repeated at 06:50PM - 07:40PM)
Keynote lecture with Dr Ranj Singh

Sponsor Symposia

Thursday 25 March, 1:10PM - 2:10PM | Live Stream 2
Sponsor Symposium | Canine allergic skin disease - with Ronald Jan Corbee & Becky Mullis

Exhibitor Stream Lectures

Friday 26 March, 3:30PM - 4:30PM | Exhibitor Live Stream
Sponsor Symposium (Repeat) | Canine allergic skin disease - with Ronald Jan Corbee & Becky Mullis

Telephone: +44 (0)800 282438