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Burgess is one of the UK’s leading animal food manufacturers, catering for the country’s most popular animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rats and ferrets.

Here at Burgess Pet Care we are dedicated to improving the health and welfare of animals through research and education.

We invest in activities such as Rabbit Awareness Week to promote rabbit welfare and educational webinars to enable vets to keep up to date with the latest developments in small animal care.

This dedication led Burgess Pet Care to work with the University of Edinburgh on a ground breaking study which highlighted the risks to rabbits’ health associated with muesli style diets and selective feeding.

We are dedicated to small animal nutrition development but also, cats and dogs. Our Burgess Sensitive dog food is formulated with all the essential nutrients they need without many of the the ingredients that have been known to upset our dog’s stomach, it’s designed to keep your pet healthy on the inside and out.

Sponsored Lectures

Friday 26 March, 10:00AM - 10:50AM | Live Stream 2
The Exotic Hideaway | ENT infections in rabbits and small furries: what’s up, doc? with Thomas Donnelly (UK) & John Chitty (UK)

On-demand Webinar
The Exotic Hideaway | Analgesic and anaesthetic drugs in small mammals - with Ian Self (UK)

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