Advanced ECG Interpretation


The electrocardiography (ECG) interactive session will help participants work through basic interpretation of the ECG. The session will begin with an overview of ECG theory, calculating a heart rate, progress through the Mean Electrical Axis, then conclude with the participants working through presented ECG’s as a group. This will give participants an opportunity to put into practice the principles presented. The participants will have a packet of printed ECGs to take notes as the leader guides them through a step wise system of interpretation. ECG’s will get progressively more difficult as the session proceeds culminating with some challenging rhythm diagnoses.

By the end of this session you will:

1. Be able to calculate a heart rate off the printed electrocardiogram with one of two methods presented.

2. Recognize the difference between cardiac depolarization originating in the supraventricular tissue versus the ventricular tissue.

3. Learn to calculate the Mean Electrical Axis of patients receiving electrocardiograms.