Get hands-on experience with our practical sessions 

Practical sessions are open to all but you may find some are aimed toward nurses or new members of the veterinary practice — check the summaries below and discover more about the content that will be delivered. Practical sessions will be held in the Earl Suite.

An extra nominal fee of £12.50 +VAT is applicable to all practical sessions. Secure your place today when you book your ticket for BSAVA Alba! Already registered? The Congress Team are happy to add a session to your booking, contact us at or +44(0)1452 726720

Cytology & blood film samples

Looking through the microscope: a set of common and easy cases to get you started

Friday 22 September, 10am - 11am Earl Suite

Speaker: Marta Costa

In this practical session there will be very little theory and a hands-on approach to develop your confidence in simple and common microscopic presentations that you may find in both cytology and blood film samples.

Key learning objectives:

Develop confidence in identifying good quality samples, and ones where collecting a new sample or making a new smear is needed.

Recognize the areas in the smears where microscopic evaluation should be done.

Identify common and easy pathological changes where cytological diagnosis is straight forward and can be easily done in practice.

A collaboration with IDEXX (BSAVA Education Partner)

Image Panel: Practical Scopes


Why every veterinary practice should have a physiotherapist: confident conversations about veterinary physiotherapy

Friday 22 September, 11:45am - 12:45pm Earl Suite

Speaker: Charlotte Swarbrick

Veterinary Physiotherapy…what is it, who are we and what do we do?! Please join us for this interactive and informative session, especially if you can’t confidently answer these 3 questions! We will cover what a Physiotherapy service looks like as a business model, it’s role in improving clinical outcomes for patients, what preventative interventions can be offered, how we assess cases, work within the multidisciplinary team and what evidence-based treatments and advice we can offer. Plus diving into some interesting case studies! So get out of your comfort zone, come along if you’re intrigued, ask questions and embrace a model of medicine which can give your practice and patients more!

Key learning objectives:

Understand the who, what and why of physiotherapy

Develop your ability to have confident conversations about Physiotherapy, in your daily practice

Learn about effective and proven physiotherapy clinical pathways for musculoskeletal and neurological conditions


How to provide basic life support in CPR

Friday 22 September, 01:45pm - 02:45pm Earl Suite

Speaker: Emily Gorman

We will go through the practical elements of providing Basic Life support to animals including how to determine if your patient is in cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA), how to do effective chest compressions including rate and depth, different types, and the different compression points based on breed conformation, how to intubate the patient during chest compressions and why we inflate the cuff and then how to appropriately ventilate including rate, length of breath, and mouth to snout ventilation.

Key learning objectives:

Recognition of cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA)

Delivery of effective chest compressions

Ventilation in the intubated and non-intubated patient

Small Animal Transfusion Medicine

Practical tips on how to set up a blood product transfusion

Friday 22 September, 10am - 11am Earl Suite

Speaker:  Lara Brunori

This practical session will be focused on allowing the participant to gain confidence in blood typing and cross-matching as well as preparing and safely administering the different blood products currently available.

Key learning objectives:

How to use blood typing kits and perform cross-matching

How to prepare blood products before transfusion

How to safely administer blood products in general practice

Sponsored by Woodley Equipment Company Ltd.


Never snap a tooth root again!

Saturday 23 September, 11:45am - 12:45 pm Earl Suite

Speaker: Ivan Crotaz

A practical session to show you how to make dental extractions simple and straightforward.

Dental extractions should be about precision, not force! Using cadaver replacement models, you are going to learn and practice the three essential surgical techniques for easy tooth extraction. We will show you how to get the thin edges of your instruments working effectively on the periodontal ligament, to turn dental extraction into a straightforward piece of soft tissue surgery.

Suitable for both inexperienced and experienced practitioners.

Key learning objectives:

The opportunity to learn and practice the exact hand movements necessary for efficient:



Periosteal elevation (allows you to easily raise a gingival flap and access the tooth root).

Sponsored by Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment

Image Panel: Practical Dentistry