11:45-12:45 Never snap a tooth root again!


Practical Practicals | Earl Suite

Sponsored by Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment

A practical session to show you how to make dental extractions simple and straightforward.

Dental extractions should be about precision, not force! Using cadaver replacement models, you are going to learn and practice the three essential surgical techniques for easy tooth extraction. We will show you how to get the thin edges of your instruments working effectively on the periodontal ligament, to turn dental extraction into a straightforward piece of soft tissue surgery.

Suitable for both inexperienced and experienced practitioners.

Key Learning Objectives:

The opportunity to learn and practice the exact hand movements necessary for efficient

  1. Elevation
  2. Luxation
  3. IPeriosteal elevation (allows you to easily raise a gingival flap and access the tooth root)

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